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PASTICHE HOMES is an interior design & Home Security service for discerning, quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primary residences, vacation homes, and businesses. This experience offers personal attention through the design process and also provides design resources and products to its clients through special purchases of furniture, fabric, and accessories. The total experience is provided in a way to informing, inspiring, and assisting people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to their enjoyment of that interior space. Services We offer 1. Interior Designing (Residentail & commercial) 2. Electrical Designing & Contracting 3. Architectural 3D modeling 4. Aluminum Fabrication 5. Corporate Designing 6. Corporate Cabling & Networking 7. Civil Contracting & Project Management.


modular kitchens
modular kitchens INR 0 INR 0 In India, kitchens are given priority look wise and functional wise, due to shape size it can vary and designs also come in many ways it could be space managed designs or according to customers wish, depending on the city, and the size of the family. So, building on our research, we’ve included several thoughtful details that are unique to Indian kitchens, and are designed for the people who use them. True 1464157193
aluminum fabrication
aluminum fabrication INR 0 INR 0 Aluminium not only offers many advantages due to it’s material properties. Aluminium is also extensively adaptable to fabrication and machining processes. Generally tooling costs are lower than with many other metals and the high speed at which certain processes can be completed, offer even greater labour cost savings. Many additional fabrication processes that would have to be carried out on other materials, can be designed in to the extrusion process of aluminium. True 1464156837
Home security services
Home security services INR 0 INR 0 we are Pastiche Homes LLP, home security services providers. as we are getting busy in our daily routine of work, we are missing the security of our loved one and our home, Home security has become a necessity to provide security to our loved one and our homes. to fight against the vulnerabilities, we need to place security to safeguard the life and homes. CCTV, Access controls systems and intelligent security which allows to access remotely in your absence. True 1465182343
Interior Designing
Interior Designing INR 0 INR 0 we are the experienced professionals in the field of designing, we do complete home designing and take up projects for consulting and designing.for residential, corporate or commercial places. True 1464405891
Electrical Designing
Electrical Designing INR 0 INR 0 Our company has the best resources in the field of electrical designing and complete electrical work ,and our resources pose with experience of over 15+ in the field and have done projects from Hospitals OT to corporate floor designing or DP work. True 1464406284
IT Training Services
IT Training Services INR 0 INR 0 With over 10 years of Training experience in Redhat Linux & IT security, we have successfully completed hundreds of batches (regular & corporate). he expertise the field True 1464406495
Construction & Project Management
Construction & Project Management INR 0 INR 0 In this field our company pose with 25+ years of experience in construction contracting & project management, we have successfully managed & completed various projects in residential and Commercial in various locations in Bangalore. True 1464406804
Home Security
Home Security INR 0 INR 0 In today's world we are so busy in our life and office work we don't pay attention towards security of our home, it has become very important to secure homes from many vulnerabilities. 1. Fire can be dangerous and cause maximum damage to the space, so it has a important to safeguard our places with security system that will alert us on these emergencies. 2. protect valuables - This is, of course, the benefit most people immediately think of. We likely all know someone who has lost electronics, jewelry, or other high-value items due to a home invasion. The tragedy is compounded when the item is an irreplaceable family heirloom. A home security system has an alarm that scares off many would-be burglars and can notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in. 3. Allows Remote Access to Your Home - Modern security systems now allow you to remotely monitor what’s happening in your home when you’re not there. Depending on your provider, you can monitor what happens via cameras installed throughout your home, as well as control the thermostat, door locks, lights, and other devices in your home. True 1465181413
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